NCS Ballot Results Released

Thanks to all the members who participated in the U.S. National CAD Standard Version 6.0 (NCS) ballot process. On February 4, the NCS Steering Committee reviewed and approved the ballot results f the NCS Project Committee (NCSPC). Of the 256 ballot items submitted to a vote of the eligible members, 248 were approved; six were rejected; and two, conditional upon the passing of ballots items rejected by the Symbols Task Team, were removed.

The following ballot item failed to meet quorum:

  • UDSMTT-V60-120r2M – Mod 4 Drawing Revision Procedures
  • UDSMTT-V60-117r2M – Mod 1 Drawing Set Organization
  • SMBTT-V6-127S – Div. 04 Delete English Bond
  • SMBTT-V6-128S – Div. 04 Delete Flemish Bond
  • SMBTT-V6-130S – Div. 04 Delete Running Bond Brick Elevation
  • SMBTT-V6-131S – Div. 04 Delete Stack Bond

The following conditional ballot items were removed:

  • SMBTT-V6-108 – Louver Type Identifier
  • SMBTT-V6-141 – Div. 06 Delete Particleboard

Ballot quorum results are available on the portal at

The NCSPC, per the NCS rules of governance, consists of members who own the latest version of the NCS. Of those eligible, 44 out of 70 eligible members cast their vote. The 26 members who did not complete their ballot or did not vote on the amendments are now considered inactive and no longer members of the committee. To be reinstated to the committee, inactive members must submit a new Membership Application Form. Apply now.

NCS V6 is scheduled to be released in late summer of 2014.

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